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Q: Are the Warcraft and World of Warcraft RPG books considered canon?
A: No. The RPG books were created to provide an engaging table-top role-playing experience, which sometimes required diverging from the established video game canon. Blizzard helped generate a great deal of the content within the RPG books, so there will be times when ideas from the RPG will make their way into the game and official lore, but you are much better off considering the RPG books non-canonical unless otherwise stated.

I already got this vindication at Blizzcon from Metzen himself, but it's nice to see it corroborated by the other developers.

Suck it, Wyrmrest Accord, you self-important fucks <3 I cannot fucking tell you how many dumbass discussions I got dragged into over stuff in these books, always over some douchebag losing their shit in the WrA channel (or elsewhere) because someone wasn't playing according to random 'fact' A in those godawful books.

The only thing worse than being an elitist is being an elitist and fucking wrong.
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HMD meme.

Workin' on yer prompts; still open for moar. They'll take a while since some of you gave me really difficult suggestions. (as the first fill suggests, I really have no idea how to write Iroh) NOT A BAD THING. Just means I have to think and research moar.

Finished The Hunger Games trilogy. Loved it.
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Ordinarily I would have done this around Christmas, but my brain was sluggish with holiday foods at that time.  So instead I offer you a ficlet request post for V-Day, to show my love <3  The request doesn't have to be romantic in nature, but it can be if you want~

The fandoms I'm most familiar with are:
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tron: Legacy

& various random books and games, blah blah, if it exists, I can probably write about it.  You can also ask after my original characters (if anyone remembers them, lol) or for stories set in LJ-RP land.  I will write about your WoW OCs too, if there's info about them for me to get a feel for who they are :3
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Oh, hey, all the names have been put with the stories for Yuletide. So here's mine.

It was really difficult for me to write this because I don't like Varian, like, at all, and he's the PoV character. However, my recipient seemed to enjoy it, so that's the important thing?